Nickelodeon Star Drops Restraining Order Against Moesha Actress For Very Fishy Reason

Posted On : August 12, 2017

“Moesha” star, Shar Jackson, and daughter, Cassilay

Soooo…after former Moesha actress, Shar Jackson (40), was dragged through the pits of hell and back by the actor boyfriend of her daughter, Casaley Jackson (22), things have taken a turn for the better. Chris Massey (27), the former star of Nickelodean’s hit show, Zoey 101, was recently granted a temporary restraining order against Shar. Why? Because he’d claimed that she abused his and Cassilay’s 2 year old daughter, Mariah,  (Shar’s granddaughter) by alleging that Shar put a 4 inch “razor cut” across the baby’s forehead.

After hearing Chris’ claims, Shar was pissed off to the highest level of pissivity (okay I know that’s not a real word, but y’all get it). She unleashed a flurry of verbal jabs on him in a video we previously posted, stating that his claims were “ridiculous” and that in the past 20+ years of parenting her children, never had there ever been any claim, nor incident, of her harming them nor any other child. She also said that she wasn’t even present at her home during the time Chris claimed she harmed her grandbaby.

Shar then proceeded to take legal action against Massey, which could have something to do with why he’s just dropped his restraining order…

Massey’s Suspect Reason For Dropping Restraining Order

Nickelodeon actor, Chris Massey

According to reports, Massey said he dropped his restraining order against Shar (after vowing to continue his legal action against her just a few days ago) because he believes it’s important for his daughter to have both her parents and her grandparents in his life.

Okay hol’ up…FOUL on the play! That reason is why I now think Massey was full of it from the jump. ILOSM family, what parent would first cry ‘child abuse’ about someone harming their helpless toddler aged kid and then just about two weeks later, decide to allow their kid to have a relationship with their supposed ‘child abuser’? Go ‘head and let that marinate, I’ll wait.

Chris Massey’s fishy claims now sound like a potential defamation lawsuit for Shar Jackson in my opinion. We shall see though.

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