Nona Gaye & Mom Say Rick James Forced Her To Stop Heavy Drug Addiction

Posted On : December 10, 2014
Rick James, Janis Gaye, Nona Gaye
Rick James, Janis Gaye, Nona Gaye

In an interview with Nona Gaye and her mom, Janis Gaye said Rick James stepped up after his friend, Marvin Gaye’s untimely death.

Nona Gaye was 9 when Marvin was killed by his father. Both she and mom credit Rick James with saving their lives, getting Jan off of drugs and treating them like ‘gold.’ Shocking, considering Rick James’ lifestyle. With Marvin leaving no will and the IRS and creditors hounding the family, Nona said Rick was the one person they could count on for money. She says he literally saved their lives.

Janis Gaye and husband, Marvin Gaye

“After my husband was killed, I slipped into heavy drugs,” says Janis. “I was very depressed. I wanted to just die like him.” She credits Rick for sending them to a clinic to get cleaned up. According to her, “Rick said your life will be better for it.” The strange thing about it was she said it was crazy because Rick was one person she used to


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