Stevie’s Beloved Mom Revealed How His Dad Forced Her Into Prostitution

Posted On : April 27, 2015
Stevie Wonder and his Mother, Lula Hardaway
Stevie Wonder and his Mother, Lula Hardaway

Stevie Wonder’s Mother, Lula Mae Hardaway, once revealed that she was forced into prostitution by Stevie’w Dad and she NEVER thought she’d do that in a million years. Lula Mae collaborated with authors Dennis Love & Stacy Brown who wrote her authorized biography,Blind Faith: The Miraculous Journey of Lula Hardaway, Stevie Wonder’s Mother” to share her story with the world. here’s an excerpt from the book about the unfortunate situation Lula had to endure:

lula mae's book

Lula Hardaway, her husband (Judkins) and their sons (including Stevie) were getting low on food and coal. One evening, her husband, who was drunk, told her, “I want you to…


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