Oh Wow! U Will NOT Believe Who His Legendary 80s R&B Mom Is!

Posted On : October 21, 2015

This guy is a model and his mother is one of the biggest trendsetters in soul music history. Her career really made an impact in the 70s and 80s, but her legacy and personality shines even brighter than her musical success. Take a good look at this dude and see if you can see his Mother’s face in his. They are very different, but still similar in some ways.

grace jones now4

Yep, you’re seeing this right, his mom is Grace Jones! Can you believe that?!! Be honest, ILOSM fam’ did you really get this one right? I have to admit that this was a really tough guess, because although when you see them side by side you can see similar facial features, but separated it’s definitely hard to tell. The “Pull Up To My Bumper” singer had her son/model, Paulo Goude, with celebrity photographer and her ex-husband, Jean Paul Goude.

grace jones and son
In case Jean Paul’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he was the photographer behind all of the media frenzy surrounding Kim Kardashians butt naked photo spread late last year in Paper Magazine

Paulo Goude with his dad, Jean Paul Goude
Paulo Goude with his dad, Jean Paul Goude

Grace Jones wrote in her new book, I’ll Never Write My Memoirs, that she absolutely hated the fact that her ex-husband condoned what Kim K. was doing and Grace said she questioned him about why he did it and here’s what she said happened: “I asked him why he was giving her [Kim Kardashian]– a basic commercial product – his ideas? This seemed to contradict his spirit of integrity, which he has protected for so long. Why was he repeating himself, just to give her a little flare of publicity, quickly absorbed by the next puff of self-promotion?” Grace said this about Goude’s response: “Well, he replied, ‘I got the feeling that if I didn’t do that photograph, she would have simply copied the idea anyway. I might as well copy myself.’ His ideas are are so powerful that repeating them decades later still causes a hell of a fuss, however temporary…He might have done it to wind me up a little as well. Which he did.”

Grace Jones with her son Paulo and Michael Jackson
Grace Jones with her son Paulo and Michael Jackson

Like we always say we learn something new everyday around here, except this time the one thing that wasn’t new to us was that Grace Jones certainly has a type for sure. Do your thing Grace, we ain’t mad at ya!’ By the way, Grace is a Granny now and you HAVE to see pics of her with her son and his wife and child, check then out.

grace jones and son and wife

Grace Jones’s son had a baby and this is the happy family. We couldn’t help but chuckle at Grace’s facial expression in that first pic. We don’t know why she’s looking at her daughter in law like that, but it’s funny as all get out.

grace jones and son and grandbaby

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