OMG! This Actor Went From The Cute Lil’ Chubby Kid To THIS…

Posted On : July 4, 2016

Remember when this kid played Robert Townsend’s son (“Nicholas”) on the 90’s sitcom, “The Parent ‘Hood?” As a kid actor, Curtis Williams had one of the most charismatic personalities on in the acting game. Throughout the 90’s he also made appearances on shows like “Moesha,” “Malcolm In The Middle,” and others. And Jay Leno loved having him on the show so much that Curtis could have just stayed on as Leno’s co-host.


curtis williams4 This is actor, Curtis Williams, now getting his grown up swag on. Although he he has completely transformed and is damn near unrecognizable as the kid actor we knew back in the day, he'll always be lil' Nicholas to us. SEE WHAT HE'S DOING THESE DAYS...

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