OMG! After Quincy Jones Wins Big $ In MJ Lawsuit, MJ’s Estate Disses Him In Angry Rant

Posted On : July 27, 2017
Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones

The iconic musician/producer, Quincy Jones, has a reason to celebrate right now, because he just won big time against Michael Jackson’s estate.

Why Jones Sued MJ’s Estate

As we previously reported, Jones has been battling MJ’s estate executors (not MJ’s family) Sony for a few years now. He says both MJJ Productions (which is controlled by MJ’s estate) and Sony owed him about $30 million so far from the royalties they’ve been stackin’ off of the work he produced for MJ’s most classic albums- Off the WallBad, and the best selling album of ALL time, Thriller.

He also said that prior to Michael’s unfortunate passing, he had no problem getting the proper royalty payments, which was probably because MJ made sure Quincy received his just due. Jones said that the moment MJ died in 2009 and the estate attorneys took over, he’s been getting jacked out of his proper share ever since.

How Much Money Jones Won

Quincy Jones

Apparently the attorneys were consistently telling Jones to ‘beat it,’ so he lawyered up and did what he had to do- took them to trial before a jury and now he’s come out with the W. Although his win wasn’t for the approximate $30 mil’ he was seeking, Jones came out the courthouse $9.4 million richer.

Estate Attorneys Are Pissed, See Their Statement

After the win on Thursday (7-26-17), the attorneys for MJ’s estate, unleashed a beast of a diss to the icon, who if not for his sound and creativity on MJ’s three most iconic albums of all time, may not have as lucrative of an estate to even be representing. They denounced his musical talents and also repeated their prior statements- that they don’t believe Jones should get anything extra ‘based on his contract.’ Even though in court one of their witnesses admitted to at least one time they stuck Jones for his fair share ‘by mistake.’:

Via TMZ: MJ’s estate says the judgement is “too much” and “unfair to Michael Jackson’s heirs.” Attorneys Howard Weitzman and Zia Modabber tell TMZ, “While the jury denied Quincy Jones $21 million –- or more than two-thirds of what he demanded — we still believe that giving him millions of dollars that he has no right to receive under his contracts is wrong. […] This would reinterpret the legal language in, and effectively rewrite, contracts that Mr. Jones lived under for more than three decades, admitted he never read, referred to as ‘contract, montract,’ and told the jurors he didn’t ‘give a damn’ about. […] Any amount above and beyond what is called for in his contracts is too much and unfair to Michael’s heirs. Although Mr. Jones is portraying this as a victory for artists’ rights, the real artist is Michael Jackson and it is his money Mr. Jones is seeking.”

Sooo they just minimized how valuable the production of a musical genius, like Quincy Jones, was for MJ’s albums, by implying that the only “real artist” on the albums was MJ? As if Michael Jackson- a musical genius as well- just sang on the Thriller, Bad, and Off the Wall albums a-capella, without Jones’ music and direction. The nerve!

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