OMG! Guess How Much Mary J. Blige Has Been Asked To Pay In Spousal Support

Posted On : October 18, 2016

ILOSM, the legal battle between Mary J. Blige and her estranged soon-to-be ex-husband, Martin Kendu Isaacs, just got a bit worse. According to The BoomBox, Kendu is reportedly demanding more than $129,000 a month in spousal support -$129,319 to be exact. Yeah, you read that right. Although he’s currently receiving temporary spousal support, he wants six figures a month once the divorce is finalized.

His Argument:

Recently filed court documents detailed Kendu’s demands and his arguments to justify his request. Although many fans believe Kendu’s demands are outlandish, his defense team claims he should still be allowed to live the lifestyle he’s grown so accustomed to. Since Mary was the bread winner the entire 12 years they were married, he wants her to continue to pick up the tab. Kendu insists Mary made between $1.5 million and $5.1 million and he should be entitled to it.

For those who don’t know, Mary J. Blige has another album that’s going to drop soon and she’s also on tour. So, of course, Kendu wants a piece of the pie. Since Mary fired him after the split, he’s currently unemployed with no source of income. But, it gets worse.

The Prenup:

Although Kendu’s demanding cash, he may run into a problem with the prenuptial agreement he signed. However, he claims the prenup is null and void since he signed it without an attorney. Then, there’s Mary’s take on the prenup. Surprisingly, she also agrees that the prenup should be considered null and void, but for a different reason. Apparently, she’s already written Kendu two checks amounting to approximately $85,000.

Fans’ Reaction:

Of course, Kendu is being dragged on social media. Since the two have no children together, most fans argue that his demands are quite farfetched. As expected, he’s been called every name in the book.

Mary J. Blige filed for divorce from Kendu Isaacs back in July, citing irreconcilable differences. It’s unclear how things will turn out for Mary but hopefully, things are resolved soon.

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