OMG! Michael Jackson’s NIECE Was Put In PSYCHIATRIC Ward After She…

Posted On : December 1, 2016

Michael Jackson’s niece, Yashi Brown, is the second child of Rebbie Jackson and Nathaniel Brown. Unlike her star-studded family members who embraced fame at early ages, Yashi had a relatively normal life: stable, two-parent household with her siblings in a suburban neighborhood; great, educational background, love and support. She and her siblings had it all. But, as the years progressed, there was something a bit different about Yashi…


d053106c8e706a465c8e32a006480b95While in college, Yashi (pictured above as a child with her uncle Michael and mother, Rebbie Jackson) began suffering from severe depression. She also lost a substantial amount of weight and suffered from an extreme case of insomnia. As time progressed, her conditioned worsened until things spiraled out of control. Wait until you see what Yashi says happened to her next...

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