OMG! Usher’s Accuser Makes New Claim In Interview Many Find Very Hard To Believe

Posted On : September 6, 2017

Okay ILOSM family, there comes a time when we all have to put in a little extra effort to give a person the benefit of the doubt when speaking on a topic that we were not present for, yet still may not believe. Today is that time.

Attorney Lisa Bloom with her client/Usher accuser, Quantasia

When news originally broke that Usher allegedly gave a few women herpes, we kept an open mind, because none of us know the real deal on that.

When one of his accusers, Quantasia Sharpton a.k.a. Angel Valentino, held a nationwide press conference with her celebrity attorney, Lisa Bloom, many people doubted her story. The reason most doubted Quantasia in the beginning is because they had trouble believing that Usher would have a one night stand with a beautiful plus size woman, like Quantasia. But as we, here at ILOSM, stated initially, there are many men who love full figured women -including celebs- so there was no shocker there. HOWEVER…

It wasn’t until new info began to surface about Quantasia’s public history of lying and/or fabricating stories about other celebrities and also about herself, that we begin to smell something foul about her accusations regarding Usher.

Accuser’s New Claim About Usher


Welp, now she’s come back with an even bigger story about she and Usher- that she has a SEX TAPE of them together. Not only does Quantasia now claim to have a sex tape, but she also says that Usher knew he was being filmed when they allegedly hooked up at her Days Inn Hotel room. But wait there’s more…Ms. Sharpton also claims that her attorney is working on getting surveillance footage that will supposedly show Usher walking into the Days Inn hotel to go to her room that night. Quantasia revealed all of this and more in an interview with Youtube vlogger, Miss Jacob Kohinoor, who clearly did not believe a word coming outta Sharpton’s mouth. Check it out below at the 36:48 mark of the video…

By the way, as we previously reported, Usher has reportedly denied Quantasia’s claims through his team and stated that not only isn’t Quantasia his “type,” but that in 2014 (when Quantasia said the alleged encounter happened), he was too busy falling in love with his manager, Grace Miguel, who is now his wife.

To be fair, we do want to point out that Quantasia Sharpton could still be telling the truth…regardless of how suspect her stories may sound. So only time will tell once all of the true details are out. Thoughts ILOSM fam?’

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