Orlando Shooter Says The UNEXPECTED About Black People To Survivor

Posted On : June 16, 2016

One of the Orlando mass murder survivors, 20 year old Patience Carter, revealed something very shocking that the shooter, Omar Mateen, said to them about Black people during the tragic incident, which gives some insight into his twisted mindset at that time…


orlando survivor1 Patience Carter said that when the gunman, Omar Mateen, began shooting inside the Orlando nightclub, Pulse, she was able to hit the floor and scoot backwards out of the exit door. When her friend, Akyra Murray (who was hiding behind the bar) saw where Carter was going, she ran across the floor to follow her. They both made it outside to safety unharmed, but realized their friend, Tiara Parker was still inside, so they boldly went back in to find her. Once the three of them reunited inside, they ran into a bathroom and hid in a handicapped stall with a few men, but Mateen followed them and started shooting the stall up.

"We were all scrambling around in the bathroom, screaming at the top of our lungs," Carter recalled.
Afterwards, Carter realized her legs were shot and that her friends were shot too. What the shooter did next was completely unexpected and shocking>>>
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The days of the old school are long gone- we used to be able to party without guns, without terrorism, and just dance to the music, but now we live in great fear for our children because of this. May the Orlando mass murder victims rest peacefully and may their families and loved ones be comforted in their time of grief.


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