Pics Surface Of D’Angelo’s TEEN DAUGHTER, But U Gotta See This Video!

Posted On : May 26, 2016

Even in the ever-demanding age of social media and camera phones, D’Angelo has found a way to maintain a Prince-esque type of obscurity. Little is known about his private life, except for his past relationship with singer, Angie Stone, and their adult son; and D’Angelo’s brief run-in with the law a while back, but none of that is was initially made public by him, those little fun facts always came from external sources first. For the most part, D’Angelo’s life is a secret (thus our headline- his ‘secret daughter’). D’Angelo’s very proud and doesn’t hide his teenage daughter, but he just doesn’t display her either and rightfully so. But she, on the other hand, seems to put her Pops on public display every chance she gets, like any proud child would. See recent pics of her below…


MEET D'ANGELO'S 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, IMANI This is D'Angelo's pretty daughter, Imani, who is clearly his mini-me. She's 16 years old and seems to be a typical teenager- she loves hangin' with her friends; unlike her father, she loves sharing bits her life social media; and she loves taking selfies. But that's not all, you gotta hear this video of Imani singing with her daddy! Check it out here>>>

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