Prince’s Death Officially A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, Here’s Why…

Posted On : June 3, 2016

prince triple pic

After the official cause of Prince’s death was confirmed yesterday by the medical examiner’s office, there is now an official criminal investigation into his death. Although Prince willingly took the powerful pain medication, fentanyl, causing him to accidentally overdose, the supplier also holds some responsibility in this. So whoever supplied the beloved Purple One with the fentanyl prescription(s) better get ready, because things just got REAL and somebody gotta pay, as they should. Hopefully this time the guilty party will get a sentence that warrants Prince more justice than Michael Jackson got, just saying. Here are the details of the criminal investigation:

Via TMZ: Sources connected with the investigation tell [TMZ] they have known “for a long time” that Fentanyl — an incredibly potent opioid up to 100 times more powerful than morphine — was the cause of death.

Law enforcement sources tell us the investigation has focused on the “illicit” possession of the drug. One law enforcement source would not confirm the basis of the investigation, but mentioned one trigger for a criminal probe would be if a doctor prescribed meds to a third party knowing the drug was going to someone else. We don’t know if Rx bottles in someone else’s name were found at Prince’s home at the time of death. We’re told both state and federal prosecutors are investigating both how Prince got the drug and who facilitated it.


Whenever a person prescribes or fills a prescription for a patient who ultimately died as a result of that medication, they will likely face third degree murder charges and up to 25 years in prison.

As previously reported, a search warrant had already been executed for Prince’s primary care physician, as well as for the Walgreens pharmacy that filled prescriptions for Prince just days prior to his passing. There hasn’t been any official word from the investigators as of yet, on whether or not they’ve found a direct link between the fentanyl that caused Prince’s death, his doctor, and the pharmacy.

Rest on Prince, your fans and loved ones got you. And quiet as it’s kept, just like MJ, we all know there may be WAY more to your story and ultimate demise that we DO NOT know. But only time will tell. R.I.P.

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