Rare Video Of Whitney Houston Proves Exactly Why There Will Never Be Another

Posted On : May 26, 2016

Whitney Houston will always be an unforgettable legendary singer who graced the entertainment world for many years. Her distinctive, melodic voice will probably never be matched by another performer. Now, a rare viral clip has surfaced on Facebook and it further proves why Whitney Houston was a rare musical commodity.

In the clip, Whitney Houston can be seen accepting an award. In most cases, artists stick to the usual standard protocol, which includes taking the stage and giving a short speech. But, Whitney Houston decided to do something different. When she walked on stage to give her speech, she thanked God but was quickly interrupted by the crowd. Her adoring fans had one simple request – they wanted her to sing.

After hearing the crowd’s demands for her to grace the stage with a song, she happily fulfilled the request. She belted out the words to “Jesus Loves Me,” but instead of the crowd screaming hysterically like you’d normally expect crowds, everyone actually went silent just to take in the words to the song and the sweet melody she sang. ILOSM fam, some memorable occurrences don’t happen often and Whitney’s award show moment is a rarity that may not happen ever again! Like Prince, there will never be another Whitney Houston!

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