If RealityShows Existed In The 80s Aaron Hall’s Would Be #1. Here’s Why

Posted On : March 6, 2015

aaron graph2

Although Aaron Hall is known for his powerful voice, nice ballads and being one of the pioneers of the “New Jack Swing” era, along with the other members of Guy, his life and personality are colorful enough to be a reality show. He’s started more drama than a little bit, and he’s always as real as they come, regardless of if he looks like the bad guy afterwards…LOL. That’s why we’re saying that if reality shows existed in the 80’s, Aaron would have gotten the #1 ratings.

Check out the chart above and read a list of reasons Aaron would qualify based the things he’s done. Starting clockwise from the top center left pic.

1. Aaron Hall’s former girlfriend and their son.
Aaron has recently made the relationship between himself, his son, and the mother of his child VERY public in interviews. He said that he met Gloria Velez, a former video model, in a club and 3 days later she had his name tattooed right above her bikini line (if you know what we mean). He also disclosed that he loves his son very much but unfortunately hasn’t seen him in 15 years.

2. Teddy Riley
Aaron and Teddy have a love/hate relationship and they’ve had so much public beef over the years, we never know when they’re on and off. The last we heard was that they are ‘off’ right now and Aaron has publicly bad mouthed Teddy, calling him a “square” and Teddy has recently released a diss record aimed at Aaron and his former Black Street group member, Chauncey.

3. R. Kelly
Aaron said R. Kelly straight up jacked his style, but that he could never jack his swagger.

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