Really? Gladys’ Says SON Wants To EMBARRASS Her By Revealing THIS ‘Secret’

Posted On : September 30, 2016

Okay ILOSM family, I don’t know Gladys Knight’s son, Shanga Hankerson, personally so I really can’t make an accurate character judgment about the brotha, but from the looks of it, his character ain’t looking too pristine right about now. At least not based on the court docs his Mother has filed.
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We’ve been covering this legal/tax fiasco that Shanga created for the past month or so, and there has been no shortage of drama between he and Gladys over her wanting to remove her name and her brand from his ailing restaurant chain, Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles.
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But NOW we finally know what his recent ‘poor mental capacities’ about Gladys was really all about. Apparently there is a reported ‘medical secret’ about Gladys (which she says is false) that Shanga has just tried to blackmail his Momma with…allegedly. Here are the details via TMZ:

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‘Gladys Knight says her son stooped so low in their legal battle, he attempted to extort his own mother if she didn’t cut him a break. The R & B legend has been fighting Shanga Hankerson over the chicken & waffles joints that bear her name in the Atlanta area — and when he didn’t respond to the lawsuit, the clerk entered a default victory for Gladys. According to docs, Gladys says Shanga’s lawyer reached out and put a metaphorical gun to her head: give us more time to respond to the lawsuit, or we’ll go public with your ALZHEIMER’S diagnosis.’


‘Gladys didn’t give in, and then her own flesh and blood filed legal docs that indeed alluded to some form of dementia because, as they put it … she had a “lack of mental capacity.” Now she’s firing back — denying the ailment and accusing her son of trying to “embarrass and harass” her. Gladys wants to keep the default in place, but Shanga’s fighting to get it overturned.

Shanga in handcuffs after being arrested earlier in 2016, for failing to pay $1million in taxes and penalties for his Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles chain
Shanga in handcuffs after being arrested earlier in 2016, for failing to pay $1million in taxes and penalties for his Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles chain

Alzheimer’s disease? Really?!! Listen, we don’t know if Shanga’s claims are true or not, but one things for certain no matter what he may have claimed, that alleged ‘Alzheimer’s diagnosis” sure didn’t make Gladys forget that Shanga didn’t pay that restaurant tax bill, nor did she forget that he’s allegedly running his business into the ground and taking her name with it. I guess, that so-called ‘Alzheimer’s diagnosis’ really is non-existent, just like Gladys said…and just like Shanga’s relationship with his Moms will be if he doesn’t get his mind right real soon and work this thing out. Sometimes business and family just don’t mix…wishing Gladys Knight and her son a happy resolve.

Take us out Gladys Knight and the Pips…

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