Really? See Why Halle Berry’s Comment On Dallas Shootings Made Some MAD!

Posted On : July 8, 2016

Halle Berry addressed the fears that just about every parent of an African American child has right now- losing their babies to police violence. When Halle posted a photo of him with an emotional plea on Instagram that opened with a simple, yet very practical question, “What will my brown son’s future be?” she got praises from many, but she also got negative reactions from others who immediately took a minute to jump all over her comments. Check it out below…


7-8 halle comments As you can see in some of the comments above, Halle got mixed reactions: Some of her followers believe she's promoting racism with her post, which is really weird. Then there was the whole "Brown son" backlash from those who felt that Halle was watering down her Black heritage by calling her mixed son "brown" instead of 'black.'

Regardless of if Halle calls her baby 'brown,' or 'black'; or if some think she's making racially divisive statements simply because she spoke about her fears, there's a MUCH bigger issue that is being overlooked...

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