Remember Claudette From City High? If U Think She’s Fine Wait Til U See Her Mama

Posted On : September 5, 2017

Remember the beautiful Claudette Ortiz? The 36-year-old catapulted to stardom as the lead singer of the group, City High. Claudette, along with Robbie Pardlo and Sister Act 2 star, Ryan Toby, formed the R&B/hip hop trio that went on to top the Billboard charts with their hit singles “What Would You Do?” and “Caramel.” Although their time at the top was short-lived, their music left lasting effects on fans and their biggest tracks are still played now. To this day, Claudette is still as beautiful as she was during her time with City High, but when you see her mother, you’ll definitely understand where she gets it from.

Meet Vivian Ortiz:

Claudette’s mom, Vivian, is a banger as well at the age of 68. Mama Vivian is making 68 look like the new 38 and it doesn’t look like she’ll age much anytime soon. Back in April, Claudette took to Instagram to wish her moms a happy birthday. “Happy 68th Birthday Mami!! The most #beautiful person I’ve ever seen,” Claudette wrote. However, it was the photo of her mothers that caught everyone’s attention. It’s damn near like she’s aging in reverse and looking more like Claudette’s sister, than her mother.

(Video) Claudette’s Mother On “R&B Divas L.A.”

Although Claudette’s always been the one in the spotlight, there have been few times when Vivian has made public appearances. In fact, she may look a lil’ familiar to many fans of the reality show Claudette was a cast member on a few years ago, R&B Divas L.A. back in 2014 when Claudette appeared on the show. At the time, Claudette revealed her plan to get back into the music industry with a new album. Unfortunately for Claudette, her mother wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. During a clip of Claudette’s reunion with her mother, Vivian worried about the possibility of her daughter failing to plan things out and have a backup plan just in case music didn’t go according to plan. “Were you planning [in the event that] this album is not as successful as you’re expecting?” Vivian asks her daughter. Vivian then goes on to tell Claudette, “You have to have a plan for your life. That is my concern. That’s always my concern.”

Claudette Reveals She Was Homeless

Shortly after things went downhill for City High, it was reported that Claudette fell on really hard times. In fact, it was even rumored that Claudette was homeless at one point. But during an interview with Centric TV, Claudette cleared the air about a lot of things.

“I was not homeless, but I did have to take the option of going to social services and being placed. In order to do that, you have to prove that you don’t have anywhere to live, so you have to stay at a shelter for a certain amount of days, and then that you were at the shelter. This [situation] was recent, right before R&B Divas: LA. Which is humiliating… I go to social services, and they don’t believe I need help. Before I was getting on track, they would send me a letter saying ‘You’re terminated,’ because my case worker might be like ‘Oh, I heard she’s doing this, so I’m going to take her off.’ I really did need the help.”

Despite Claudette’s response to the rumors, her mom’s concerns are like that of most moms. It’s all love!

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