Salute: New Edition’s Emotional BET Speech Proves Their The Real MVP’s!

Posted On : June 26, 2017

The personalities that make up New Edition are always ever-present whenever the fellas speak publicly. Last night at the BET Awards, their Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech was no different. *Scroll to bottom to watch their acceptance speech*

After getting a standing ovation with a Jada Pinkett-Regina King-Queen Latifah-and Tiffany Haddish introduction, N.E. stepped on stage like the true R&B/hip hop kings they are.

Ronnie DeVoe’s Speech

First to open up the speech was Ronnie DeVoe, who said:

“30 plus years of a music industry that will chew you up and spit you out. All six of us standing on this stage right now man! What an amazing thing!”

Ronnie’s Moms got a lil’ misty eyed in the audience as he spoke.

Johnny Gill’s Speech

Up next was Johnny Gill, who- in classic Gill form- took us to chuuuurch for about 40 seconds, as he put on his preacher-man voice and said:

“All praises go to God because without him, we wouldn’t be standing here today. We’ve been through some ups and we’ve been through some downs, but God said he’ll never leave you and never forsake you. Some of y’all know what I’m talking ’bout when he said ‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper. That’s why we stand here today!”

Bobby Brown’s Speech

Then came Bobby B., who got the most screams from the crowd as he stepped up to the mic. Not only were people screaming because they loved him, they were screaming because of the unimaginable, horrific pain he harbors after losing his daughter, but he’s still standing. He gave an emotional speech about the “sh*t” he’s been through throughout the years. Here’s a part of what he said:

“Back in the days when we first began, I used to tell the guys we were gonna be successful….I just didn’t know how successful. I didn’t know how much our fans were gonna stick with us, the way y’all have stuck with us. […] For 35 years y’all have been our backbone, y’all have been there for us through and thin and I know I’ve been through some sh*t so…thank you for sticking with me…I love y’all so much.”

Ricky Bell’s Speech

Next up to the mic was Ricky Bell, who after seeing The New Edition Story, his fans know him in a much different light. Now that we know he’s succumb to and overcome a long battle with cocaine addiction, there’s a sense of realness we understand about his willingness to reveal his most vulnerable times in life and we respect that. That realness also came forth in his acceptance speech when he opened it up by addressing the continuing struggles N.E. still goes through internally to this day:

“This is what fate looks like [as he held up the BET Award]. Being in New Edition has been a continual roller coaster ride.[…] We go through a lotta ups, a lotta downs, but his grace continues to be sufficient. […] He always does for us what we can’t find the strength to do for ourselves. So I just wanna give God the praise.”

Ralph’s Speech

Ralph a.k.a. ‘Rizz’ made the ladies scream when he stepped to the mic. He thanked his kids, brother, and sister for supporting him for so long and understanding his long work hours. He also announced his new album, which released today (June 26, 2017) titled, Rizzo: It’s Lonely At The Top– a title that perfectly describes what we now know (after watching The N.E. Story) has been the career of Ralph as the thoughtful lead singer of N.E., who put his team first when put to the test. Ralph also thanked and paid homage to his beloved mother, Patricia Tresvant, who passed away in 1996.

Michael Bivins’ Speech

Last to speak was Michael Bivins, who did an honorable thing for the man who deserves a ton of credit for New Edition’s success. That man is their choreographer/former manager/mentor/big brother/Ronnie DeVoe’s biological uncle, Brooke Payne. As you can see, the brotha wears many hats and Bivins acknowledged that Brooke had every right to be standing on that stage with N.E. as their 7th member. So he called Brooke onstage and surprisingly presented him with his own BET Lifetime Achievement Award. The perfect way to end an honor well deserved…

Brooke Payne getting his BET Award with New Edition

Congratulations to N.E.! Be on the lookout for their upcoming tour, which is being promoted by the legendary event/boxing promoter, Al Hyman.

Watch N.E.’s Acceptance Speech Below…

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