Say What?! Usher’s Stalker Has Court Demands Although She’s The One Stalking Him

Posted On : May 20, 2017

Like many celebs, Usher has fallen prey to an adoring fan who is much more than admirable of his music. Turns out Usher’s repeatedly stalker-ish fan, Darshelle Jones, done did it again!  According to The Jasmine Brand, Jones, who has been reportedly stalking Usher for years, is now facing criminal charges for her actions. But despite her efforts to get dangerously close to the “Good Kisser” singer, she has relatively interesting terms for the case and in particular there’s one thing she really wants to know…

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Still Trying To Get Close To Usher?:

It has been reported that Jones wants to know if Usher will testify in court. Details about Jones’ court demands have also been revealed. She has reportedly filed documents to suppress all evidence prosecutors may have obtained illegally.

Darshelle Jones
Darshelle Jones

The evidence includes confessions she may have given to police officers and any other physical evidence they may have obtained. She’s also demanding a list of witnesses who will be testifying but she also wants to know if Usher will make an appearance in court. Although the majority of the information she’s requesting appears to be for her own benefit, the fact that she’s wondering if Usher will be present, raises plenty eyebrows about her desire to simply be in the same room with the brotha. I ain’t saying this chick is a stalker, I’m just saying her moves are a crazy stalker-ish.

Her Tainted Past:

Apparently, Usher has a longstanding unwanted acquaintance with Jones because he’s been battling with her for approximately five years. And about that prior comment I made about Jones not quite being a stalker…yeah…I take that back, here’s why: In 2016, Usher sought his third restraining order against the seemingly deranged fan. Jones, an Ohio resident, had returned to Atlanta and began relentlessly stalking the singer again. In fact, Jones had booked her return flight to Atlanta under the name “Darshelle Ann Mar Jones-Raymond” and posted a photo of the itinerary on Instagram, reports Straight From the A.

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So, it’s quite obvious she believes she and the singer are seriously involved. It has also been reported that her stalking antics have been well documented over the years, so there is a strong possibility she’ll be facing consequences and repercussions for her actions, this go ’round. Stay safe Ush!’

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