See Bobby Brown Hit The Stage For 1st Time Since Bobbi Kristina’s Death

Posted On : August 26, 2015

8-26 fb bobby brown performingBobby Brown bravely hit the stage for the first time since his daughter, Bobbi Kristina’s, passing a month ago. On Sunday (8-23-15), he performed at the Hollywood Bowl as a surprise guest with singer, Macy Gray.
They reunited to perform their 2010 duet, “Real Love” during Gray’s set and the crown went wild when Bobby B. stepped on stage. He didn’t stay on stage long, just enough to sang that one song and he told the crowd “Thank you for all your prayers, everybody.”
8-26 bobby brown and macy grayBobby’s been trying to fight through his extreme grief and get back into the swing of living again, but it’s obviously been painful for him. His friend said that “he is taking comfort in the fact that she’s [Bobbi Kristina] with her mother and that there will be no more pain.”

A couple weeks ago Bobby’s family and friends took him to an L.A. comedy club where he briefly spoke with some fans outside the venue.
bobby brown out

We’re not sure when Bobby will reunite with his New Edition brothers, but there is no rush, he needs to take all the time he needs to cope with something no parent should ever have to go through- the death of a child. We, his fans, will still be here whenever he’s ready to comeback.


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