See How Denzel Washington SHUTS DOWN Old School ‘Uncle Denzel’ Memes

Posted On : September 15, 2016

Remember ‘Uncle Denzel’? If you haven’t heard of ‘Uncle Denzel,’ he’s the old school version of Denzel that was created for memes. Although Denzel is considered one of the most attractive black men in film, there’s a couple of photo that made him the laughing stock of social media. According to Hip Hop Wired, the candid photos were snapped around the time of the Mayweather v. Pacquiao fight back in May.

The Photos That Turned Heads:

‘Uncle Denzel’ Takes Over Instagram:

The photos immediately began circulating on social media and it didn’t take long for the comical memes to flood Instagram. Denzel Washington’s face has been photoshopped into hundreds of memes and even after months of circulation, ‘Uncle Denzel’ is still floating around on social media.

Denzel’s Response:

Now, the Training Day actor is finally speaking out about it. According to Centric TV, he’s not very pleased about all of the chatter. Social media may find the photos to be hilarious, but Denzel isn’t laughing. During an interview with Global Grind, Denzel appeared to discuss his upcoming film The Magnificient Seven.

Since the photo was snapped while he was filming the movie, it only seemed befitting for the host to ask about the memes. Denzel offered a stinging response to the social media jokes.

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, talk about those who can,” Denzel said.

Check out the clip of Denzel’s response:

The photo reportedly surfaced around the time Denzel was filming his latest movie The Magnificent Seven, but social media took things in a totally different direction.

However, that hasn’t stopped Denzel from moving forward. The veteran actor is heading to the big screen yet again. The Magnificent Seven hits theaters nationwide on September 23.

Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke are back together in this film after they were the stars in the movie, “Training Day”, and The Washington Post asked the director if he had been looking for another opportunity to get these actors back together…here’s what he said.

Antoine, had you been looking for an opportunity to get these actors back together since “Training Day”?

FUQUA It’s always on my mind. On “Training Day,” I used to sit on an apple box and just watch these guys. It was like being at a play.

WASHINGTON When you were casting Ethan, you had to believe that this was a guy who could walk down that empty street by himself and those people back there respect him. I won’t talk about some other folk who didn’t have the weight. [Laughter.]

HAWKE It was fascinating to see you [Mr. Washington] work at that high a level, in a studio movie. You can see people working like that, in church basements, with confidence and creativity. But when big money comes around and pressure comes around, people shrink. It was an exciting moment to see that that didn’t have to be.

Can you assume that the camaraderie from that previous film will carry over?

WASHINGTON It’s so different. I mean, we’re on horses. The older I get, the more I appreciate each opportunity. You start to go, You’ve probably made more movies, D, than you’re going to make the rest of your days. If you don’t want to go, don’t go. When you do go, and it’s a great ride, then you want to give your all. Some days, not getting along is what helps. Some days it’s 107 degrees. You just don’t feel like it. “I know I’m supposed to shoot him, but I’m going to shoot him.” [Laughter.]

Are the three of you looking to make another movie together?

HAWKE Somebody asked John Lennon why he wasn’t going to sing with Paul McCartney anymore, and, supposedly, he said, “Sing what?” Clearly we like working together. So what? Is it for the right reason?

WASHINGTON Otherwise it’s called lunch. [Laughter.]

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