See What Vivica Said About Her Male Strippers That Has Some People Pissed

Posted On : January 6, 2017

Vivica Fox is catching some flack about a comment she made regarding the male strippers for her new Lifetime exoctic male dancers reality show, Vivica’s Black Magic. After news spread about Viv’ and her male dancers’ recent interview with The Breakfast Club, she’s been having to respond to some of the anger coming at her ever since. See what all the ruckus is about below…


Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 5.13.01 PM When the Breakfast Club hosts asked Vivica and her male dancers if they will also dance for a gay male review, both Vivica and her two dancers seated next to her replied "Hell no." Vivica went on to explain, "Back all that up. [...] They don't need to. They dance for women. It's called the 'Ultimate Girls Night Out' for a reason." Apparently the edited video clip has pissed off some folks and has others asking 'What's the big deal about what they said?'
After watching the entire clip (not the edited one) play out, I was asking myself the same thing. Why? Because I think there is a difference between bashing someone for something they cannot change, such as their sexuality, gender, race, etc....versus someone making a statement, to make it clear to everyone listening, that they would not compromise who they truly are for a paycheck, by attempting to be the opposite of something they cannot change either- in this case, that would be the sexuality of Vivica's heterosexual male strippers. It didn't seem like Vivica and her dancers were trying to bash gay men. But the dancers, themselves, are not gay, so Viv' and the dancers wanted to be clear that the dancers do not compromise themselves simply because the payday would be nice. But check out the clip below and tell us what you think. Were Vivica and her dancers wrong to answer the question that way, or nah? FULL VIDEO CLIP OF WHAT THEY SAID (The gay discussion starts at the 2:45 mark and ends at the 4:27 mark)...



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