She’s A Famous Athlete & Her ICONIC Sports Dad Denied Her For Years

Posted On : June 14, 2015

alexandra full body Her name is Alexandra Stevenson and she has become a major player in the world of tennis. I’m talking Serena and Venus Williams’ level of tennis, Alexandra’s not a small time tennis player by far.

alexandra and serena
Alexandra with Serena Williams

Some of you may have heard by now that she was involved in a major scandal that erupted in 1999 when she played in Wimbledon. The scandal was surrounding the mystery of her father and tabloid reporters were beginning to swarm around her to find out if what they’d been hearing through the grapevine was actually true: That her father is an Old School Sports Hall of Famer that we ALL know. She and her mother were privately getting financially taken care of very well by her Dad, but her Mom had to sign an agreement when Alexandra was a baby, that guaranteed she would never come forward with that information because it would damage her Dad’s rep.

daughter playing tennis So Alexandra had to keep quiet, but that doesn’t mean that her father’s public denial of her and his absence in her life didn’t sting just as badly. In fact, she was angry by all of it. Turn the page to see who her Dad is…

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