So THIS Is What “Rachel” From “School Daze” Is Doing Now!

Posted On : May 23, 2015

rachel fb2

Y’all remember “Dap’s (Laurence Fishburne’s character) girlfriend on School Daze don’t you? Her name is Kyme Sallid and although she had a few roles after School Daze, it was her groundbreaking role as “Rachel,” that we remember most. We can’t forget the infamous beef “Rachel” had with “Jane Touissant” (Tisha Campbell) in that whole jigaboo/wannabe drama and I also remember when “Dap” felt like “Rachel” was selling out after she told him she was pledging Delta.

After Spike Lee said ‘it’s a wrap’ on the final scene in School Daze, we eventually saw her pop up sporadically for guest appearances on shows like Frasier, NYPD Blue, and 24, but we didn’t see Kyme much more after that.

rachel tisha and spike bwShe is now 52 and she’s been doing what her other true passion is, and that’s teaching professional dance. Kyme is a graduate of the acclaimed New York City High School of Performing Arts, and has performed nationally and internationally as a dancer and singer in various Broadway shows. Her love of the performing arts and teaching led her and her husband, Otis Sallid to found a performing arts academy in a charter school in Los Angeles in 2006. She and Otis actually met on the set of School Daze and have been together ever since.

Turn the page to see what’s been up with her since we last saw her on the big screen…

Page 2, See What She Looks Like Now!!!

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