T.I. Slams Radio For What They Did w/Beyoncé But Defends Another Houston Celebrity Hero

Posted On : September 10, 2017

ILOSM family, if you don’t already know him, we’re about to introduce you to a true Houston hometown hero, who is also a legend in the state of Texas and down south rap overall. His name is Trae tha Truth and he’s been doing his thing in rap for over a decade. He’s well respected by many and is known for being a cat who has always helped and dedicated his time, efforts, and money to those in need.

Beyonce’; T.I.

But there is a current situation that is preventing him from sharing his actions and messages with more people. You see, Trae is known for standing up for what he believes is right, regardless of who he’s speaking to, so because of a disagreement that reportedly happened with Trae and supposedly some folks in radio eight years ago, he’s been banned from mainstream radio across the country ever since. That brings us back to his giving heart and how many now, more than ever, are standing with him as he relentlessly helps his fellow Texans who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Beyonce’ and T.I. are two of those people standing with him.


After news spread that Trae, himself, had to be rescued after losing his home to Harvey, fans witnessed him immediately using his large social media following to get help for others. Ever since that day, he’s been in the trenches, delivering masses of food, supplies, mattresses, clothing, etc. to the thousands in need and he is still doing it today. He started a GoFundMe page that has now raised over $140K, which Trae tha Truth and his fellow volunteers have personally been delivering to families in Houston, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Texas and other surrounding areas.


He has been seen loading trucks and he rescued many people from their homes by boat.




Yet and still, radio is ignoring his efforts, but covering artists like Beyonce’ instead. Beyonce did a wonderful thing by donating a large amount of money to those in need as well, but that’s where T.I. comes in.


T.I. Goes Off On Radio For Ignoring Trae Tha Truth’s Efforts

After seeing that 97.9 The Beat, a popular Houston hip hop/R&B radio station,  covered Beyonce’s visit to the city recently (where she also met with Trae tha Truth), but intentionally left out Trae, T.I. blasted them over it:

Via TheShadeRoom

Needless to say, soon after T.I.’s blast session, the station caught a ton of flack. Ironically, all of the comments on their Instagram page (where T.I. commented) have been hidden, which prohibits people from making any further comments on their page.

Beyoncé Stands With Trae The Truth


Beyonce’ even appears to be siding with T.I. on this. Although she’d already linked up with Trae tha Truth to help the people of Houston, she later took to Instagram to shout him out for so tirelessly being on the streets helping the people:

Fans are outraged that Trae is getting no respect from the stations, due to what he says is an 8 year old beef. However, that is not stopping Trae from doing what his heart is telling him to do- continue to help the people. Today (9-10-17) actor, Nick Cannon, linked up with him to bring more food, supplies, and clean out homes of those affected by the floods.


And did we mention that it was Trae who actually rescued Houston Rockets NBA player, Jonathon Simmons, from his home, by boat, during the Harvey hurricane? Just an all around good dude…

Check out more of the efforts led by Trae tha Truth below. We support your efforts Trae! Hard work and kind hearts never go unnoticed…



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