Tamar Braxton Thoroughly Puts Fan In Check For Slamming Her Online

Posted On : December 3, 2017

When most people comment about celebrities on social media, they probably never expect the celebrity to see their message, let alone respond. One woman received quite a surprise when she threw shade at Tamar on Instagram. With a snide comment, there’s always the possibility of a clap back and there are a few celebrities how don’t mind defending themselves against cyber trolls. Tamar Braxton is definitely that type. Now, she’s turning fans all over social media for her epic response to one woman’s comment.

Not Here For It:

One thing about Tamar: she’s never been one to mince words. So, when the woman came at her sideways on Instagram, you can probably guess how she responded. The “Love and War” singer made her stance very clear. She’s not here for the shade. Earlier today, The Shade Room took to Instagram with a clip of Tamar Braxton. For those who missed that, the Braxton Family Values star decided to get a bit personal during her recent performance. Although she didn’t say his name, it was quite clear Tamar was talking about her estranged husband and relationships in general. She made it clear she has no time for any man who does not appreciate her.

Apparently, the woman decided to throw shade at Tamar over this post:

#PressPlay: #TamarBraxton said ain’t nobody got time for that! #PreachhhTayTay Via: @justjameis

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Of course, no one really knows everything that’s happened between Tamar and Vince behind closed doors but based on the reports, the singer has had a relatively difficult time with her soon-t0-be ex-husband. But apparently, the woman wasn’t tryin’ to hear anything Tamar had to say. So she commented on the clip and said, “Tamar, go have a seat please.” She probably never expect Tamar to actually see the message, but she did and the response was epic.

The Clap Back Is Real:

When Tamar clapped back, she made sure “sis” got the message. In a comment directed toward @LadyPanama1, Tamar broke it all the way down.

Check out Tamar’s comment:

#ClapbackSeason: #TamarBraxton stepped into #TheShadeRoom to get a fan all the way together!!!

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Tamar’s Instagram clap back follows a string of reports about her split from Vince Herbert. Shortly after the split made headlines, Tamar’s mother, Evelyn Braxton, turned heads when she revealed Vince had been abusive to her daughter. Tamar has yet to address those allegations but she’s made her stance quite clear. She wants a divorce and the relationship cannot be fixed. Best of luck to Tamar.

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