Tank Performs Shirtless At Gay Pride Festival & Fans Are Going Off!

Posted On : May 29, 2017

Tank, had these social media ‘streets’ talking! In 2017, with all of the evolving society has done regarding the understanding of the LGBT community, the topic is increasingly becoming less taboo. But of course, there’s still a lot more evolving that must take place before the taboo aspect of the LGBT community is fully eliminated by the masses…or at least decreased tremendously.

If Tank didn’t know that fact before now, he shol’ did learn today! After he stepped on stage shirtless to perform at the DC Pride Festival on Memorial Day, in front of an audience of many gay men, people couldn’t upload their videos fast enough to social media to get the word out.

Watch Tank Perform At DCPride

Dude in the Jordans just offered #tank his boy box at #dcpride

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At first many of Tank’s fans were like ‘Tank was at a gay event?!! Nah, it can’t be.’ Then, they watched the video for themselves as Tank sang his heart out at festival, while one very enthusiastic male fan in the crowd did some form of a headstand the whole time. At that point, Tank’s fans knew it wasn’t a prank and started going at it with each other online.

Some felt that Tank had every right to perform at a gay event as a heterosexual man, without being judged…





While others expressed either utter confusion, or accused Tank of being gay himself…




What side are you on with this one ILOSM fam?’ Does Tank’s performance at the DC Pride Festival make you give him the side eye, or do you think it should be viewed the same as any of his other paid performances?

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