LAWD! Taraji EXPOSES Who Did Her DIRTY While Filming Movie w/Brad Pitt

Posted On : October 17, 2016

Taraji P. Henson is a fan favorite these days, but apparently, it wasn’t always that way. The famed Empire star is tackling a number of topics in her new memoir Around the Way Girl. Taraji has never been one to mince words, so of course, her book is raw and uncut…

From her abusive relationship with her son’s father to her rise to stardom, Taraji is giving fans a glimpse of her life from many different angles. Needless to say, Taraji is quite successful now, but she recently revealed just how difficult it’s been to climb the ladder.

The Really Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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Although Taraji gave an Oscar-worthy performance for her role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, she explained how the job itself was much less than stellar. She’s giving fans the breakdown explaining just how underpaid she was for that film despite starring opposite to Brad Pitt. Taraji admitted that the acting experience was perfect, but the compensation she received for her work wasn’t even mediocre.

What Taraji Was Paid:

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According to Huffington Post, Taraji made less than 2% of what Brad Pitt made for the film. That’s right, LESS than 2%, which given the fact that Brad makes $20 million per film, probably means that Taraji walked away with about $39K after it was all said and done. Taraji revealed her agent told her the film studio was only willing to pay her an amount “in the lowest six figures.” But the reason those six figure number turned into approximately 39 gees is because what made matters worse, is that she says she had to relocate to New Orleans, LA for filming on her OWN DIME:

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“There was one other thing,” Henson reveals in the book. “I’d have to agree to pay my own location fees while filming in New Orleans, meaning three months of hotel expenses would be coming directly out of my pocket. Insult, meet injury.”

So, after covering overhead and other expenses, Taraji actually walked away with very little despite her Oscar-worthy portrayal of Queenie.

What It Really Means?:

After reading Taraji’s book, you’ll know just how real it is in Hollywood and the insulting message is very clear: Black actors have very little value in Hollywood…

“There are way more talented black actresses than there are intelligent, meaningful roles for them,” Henson explains in the memoir. “And we’re consistently charged with diving for the crumbs of the scraps, lest we starve.”

gallery_nrm_1424116243-elle-cookie-empire-red-lipstick-heavy-eyeshadowShe adds, “This is exactly how a studio can get away with paying the person who’s name is third on the call sheet of a big-budget film less than 2 percent what it’s paying the person whose name is listed first. I knew the stakes: no matter how talented, no matter how many accolades my prior work had received, if I pushed for more money, I’d be replaced and no one would so much as a blink.”

Despite the disheartening wages, Taraji decided to press forward. “So, you know, I decided to not push,” she says. “I decided to swallow my pride and use it in the work, use it in the work. And that’s what I did, and I think it paid off.”


fb tyler perry

Although Taraji didn’t get the credit she deserved for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the film opened many doors that elevated her career. She revealed Tyler Perry raised the bar when it came to fair wages. He was the first to offer her a substantial amount for a film and she hasn’t looked back since. The rise to fame wasn’t easy, but now Taraji is pleased with the path she took by creating her own lane.

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