The Cute Baby In This Ad Became Famous Actress Who Recently Endured Unfortunate Drama

Posted On : November 10, 2017

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ILOSM the cutie-patootie in this 1979 Johnson’s baby powder ad was just a few months old when she cheesed it up for the camera. She’s now a 39 year old woman and based on her acting track record, she’s been in front of the cameras ever since her ’79 debut. She’s a kid that we all know and was as adorable as ever in a classic sitcom. Scroll down for the answer…

Who Is That Baby?

If you guessed the one and only Keshia Knight Pulliam a.k.a. “Rudy Huxtable” from The Cosby Show, then you guessed right…give yourself an Old School fist bump for that one!

Now, y’all already know, these days, Keshia can’t go ANYWHERE without her current controversial decisions and/or mistakes being brought up, so lets discuss the elephants in the room…

Still Supported Her TV ‘Daddy’

Prior to just recently, Keshia had pretty much maintained a squeaky clean image in the public eye. She (as well as her parents) also deserves props for being one of the very few former child stars who didn’t end up on the wrong side of ‘troubled,’ or in some cases, on the wrong side of ‘coo-coo,’ once it was all said and done.

Now though, Keshia has had a small taste of drama in her life. In June 2017, she caught some flack for being the first celebrity to actually accompany her now incarcerated TV ‘daddy,’ Bill Cosby, to court during his 2017 sexual assault trial. Pulliam shocked many when she proudly held onto Cosby’s arm, as they entered a Pennsylvania courthouse for the trial, which resulted in a hung jury. At that time, Keshia told ABC News this about why she supported Cosby:

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K. Pulliam: “In terms being supportive, it’s easy, like I said, to be supportive when things are great, when things are good. Everyone goes through adversity. Everyone’s human and it’s not my job to decide…guilt, or innocence. You have to let the evidence speak for that and…it’s just unfortunate. I’m showing up in a manner that I would want someone showing up for me.”

Her Baby Daddy Drama

And of course Keshia has her fair share of baby daddy drama with her now ex-husband/retired NFL’er, Ed Hartwell.


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From the jump, many fans saw red flags with their marriage, after they’d announced they’d gotten married after only dating for a few months…if that long. However, love- or shall we say, psuedo love- is blind and can get a person caught up in a bitter situation. Fast forward to one adorable baby later and a bitter divorce, Keshia and Ed stay goin’ at each others throats.

One of their more recent dramas, was that Ed wanted to have Keshia locked up for reportedly keeping him away from their daughter, Ella Grace. Keshia, on the other hand, said Ed was full of it, calling his accusation “Yet another fabricated and falsified motion for contempt.” She also claimed Ed has been simply missing his court appointed visitation dates to see Ella. Don’t know who’s lying, but somebody is. Anywho, the good news is that Ella Grace is as happy and cute as she could be.

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