This “Fame” Actor’s Family Was Busted In A HUGE Crime Ring!

Posted On : June 16, 2015

gene7If you’re from the Old School, you probably remember actor/dancer Gene Anthony Ray from the poplar 80’s TV show, Fame. He played the tough, street dancer name “Leroy,” who had a love for dancing, but a slight problem with authority sometimes.

It turned out that the character Gene played on Fame was not that far off from who he was in real life. Just like his character “Leroy,” Gene was an untrained dancer who learned how to dance by battling at neighborhood block parties, he grew up in a rough neighborhood in Harlem, NY and he was in the streets a lot.
cast When he landed the role on Fame, that was when his life began taking a great turn. The only problem was his family didn’t make that transition with him and instead chose to stay behind and indulge in a life of crime. We’re talking about Gene’s mother, uncles, grandmother, aunts…they were all living that life and here’s what they ultimately got busted for doing while Gene was at the height of his career…

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