This “I Can Only Be Me” Singer Been Getting $$$ For Decades! See How!

Posted On : January 19, 2016

Nobody really knew who the guy was who was singing “I Can Only Be Me” in School Daze, even though that was one of the most powerful and touching songs in the entire movie. The only thing most of us knew was that he had an incredible voice that was very similar to Stevie Wonder’s.

After seeing School Daze back in the day, I remember thinking ‘When is that dude’s album coming out? I’m sure he’s gonna blow up now.’ But nope, that never happened and as a matter of fact, most of us never heard from him again, or so we thought…

The singer’s name is Keith John and after doing some research, we found out a few interesting things about the brotha’ and how he’s connected to Stevie Wonder to this very day…

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