Toni Braxton Shuts Down Fan After They Came For Her, Tell ‘Em Toni!

Posted On : January 12, 2016

fb toni There comes a time in everyone’s life, where you have to check somebody for coming at you sideways. Well that time came for Toni Braxton a few days ago, when she let a fan have it like only Toni can.

It all started on Instagram when the fan, or maybe I should say, Toni’s hater, tried to take some shots at Toni’s appearance. You see, in this new day of social media, where people can play the playground game of throwing a rock and running away before they get caught, is in full effect everyday online. There are some who feel very safe, secure, and obscure from public view, so they become what we, here at ILOSM, call ‘keyboard gangsters.’ They are folks who sit behind their computer and mobile devices, think of some of the rudest things to say and then ever so swiftly do a verbal drive-by, or shall I say a ‘type-by’ as they unleash shots of some of the most disrespectful comments they could think up.
toni braxton long blondeOftentimes these ‘keyboard gangsters’ do not expect to get a response, as most celebrities and social media pages don’t talk back to them, so they develop a sense of bravado, knowing that they can disrespect them any way they choose and will not have to worry about getting a response. We here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, know all about this, we’ve often had to address several ‘keyboard gangsters’ ourselves, but I digress, LOL.

Back to Toni B….our girl shut one of her ‘keyboard gangsters’ down real quick on her Instagram page, taking the “keyboard gangster” by surprise. Now to this commenter’s credit, their comment wasn’t as harsh as some others have been online, but it was enough to get some backlash. Here is what happens when folks come for the ever so classy Toni Braxton…

#ToniBraxton vs Fan!! #ClapBackSeason !!

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And there you have it folks! Toni’s response was priceless and we give her an old school high five and fist bump for letting the person know that maybe they should sometimes consider facts before making such a hasty, rude comment.

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