Aint Too Proud To Beg: Top 5 Old School Begging Songs We All Loved

Posted On : December 7, 2014

keith sweat blog pic

Back in the day there was nothing like a good begging song to say exactly what you needed it to say. These were the songs that caused the artists to sing with nothing but pure passion, and it wasn’t about being the greatest singer in the world, it was about being the most convincing singer. Regardless of if you were the one doing the begging, or the one receiving the pleading cries from somebody else- you loved it.

We were over here at ILOSM, discussing what we thought were the top 5 most begging songs of R&B and while it was extremely hard to narrow down this list, we finally settled on these 5.

Keith Sweat- Right And A Wrong Way
You know we’ve got to kick it off with this Keith Sweat slow jam. This brotha sounds like he was begging with his life in this song. From the moment he started singing his opening line, ‘You may be young, but you’re ready’….’Ready to learn’ it was ON! And I aways thought it was cool how he ended the song with a passage from The Stylistics “You’re a big girl now, no more daddy’s little girl.”



Babyface- Never Keeping Secrets
He claims to never keep any secrets from his baby and never tell a lie. “I want to make it up to you.” That’s his strongest line from the song. We love it because although a lot of women probably think most men can’t keep that promise, the fellas still love to sing it to their ladies anyway. Women love it gives a sense of emotional security and deep attachment to their men. As some guys have said in barbershops across the country, this song ‘puts a lot of pressure on men when women sing it in their presence.’ LOL.

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