Tyrese Has Fans Giving Him The Side Eye Again With His Latest Claim

Posted On : December 1, 2017

Tyrese has ruffled all kinds of feathers on social media over the past couple months. All the drama began when The Rock announced he’d accepted a deal to do a Fast and Furious spinoff centered around his character U.S. Agent Luke Hobbs. We all know Tyrese wasn’t pleased because he felt like The Rock was slowin’ up his cash flow. But maybe now, he’ll stop with the antics because the announcement will probably help him to put some dollars back in the bank. But hopefully, all the talk is true.

Another Big Sequel:

Despite his recent social media meltdowns, Tyrese has had an excellent acting career, thus far. Over the past 15 years, the singer-turned-actor has starred in quite a few Blockbuster film franchises. From Transformers to Fast and Furious, Tyrese has definitely made a name for himself in Hollywood. Now, there’s another big film he starred in that’s reportedly heading back to the big screen – Four Brothers. Yesterday, Tyrese took to Instagram with a post announcing Paramount’s decision to create a sequel for the 2005 film. With a photo from the film, Tyrese included a caption that read, “Paramount has officially greenlit a sequel to Four Brothers ( no lies here lol )….. it’s all over the net the script is almost done to the sequel and it’s magic- Gonna be cool as hell just getting back with the crew….. #Detroit ( give me 4 Favorite quotes from the movie )….. Go!!!

Here’s the post:

But Is It True?

Although fans were thrilled to hear about the possibility of a sequel to Four Brothers, some were skeptical of Tyrese’s post. After posting the film picture, he included a screenshot from Hollywood Reporter but there’s just one problem with it. The screenshot was actually from a report published years ago. Since Tyrese has recently built a reputation of telling fabricated stories seemingly for publicity – which he blamed on the anti-depression med, Rexulti- many fans are giving him the side eye. Unfortunately, there are very few current reports about Four Brothers, so Tyrese’s post is based on an unconfirmed claim, as of today.

Time flys when you’re having fun……

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Years In the Making:

Although Tyrese claims Paramount has officially decided to create a sequel to the film, the discussion has actually been going on for years. Back in 2010, the Hollywood Reporter revealed the film company was eyeing the film for a sequel then. Since the John Singleton-directed film, which starred Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese, Andre ‘3K’ Benjamin, and Garrett Hedlund, was such a success, Paramount executives were interested in revitalizing the film to possibly make a franchise out of it, but nothing ever came of the discussion. But, now it looks like things may be different; hopefully, for Tyrese’s sake.

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