U Will NOT Believe How Minnesota Folks Are Cashing In BIG TIME Off Prince

Posted On : April 28, 2016


In the wake of Prince’s death, there are lotta big-money-grip type of transactions going down in Minnesota right about now, but the thing that’s the most surprising is the reason behind why folks are acting like they just hit the lottery.

Apparently many in Minnesota are cashing in on the face of Prince by selling all types of merchandise for a hefty price. Folks have been flocking to Minnessota merchants to get a fly new Prince T-shirt, towel, coffee mug…whatever, and they’re doing it LEGALLY. That’s right, Minnesota has NO law to protect certain rights of secretive celebs like Prince, who probably wouldn’t have wanted every corner store and T-shirt pusher with a new ‘Prince tee idea’ hawking his image. But hey, I guess ya’ can’t knock folks for gettin’ their hustle on like “Hustle Man” from “Martin.” Here are the details on what’s going on in Minnesota:

Photo credit: TMZ
Photo credit: TMZ

Via TMZ: A free-for-all has erupted over the right to sell merchandise with Prince’s mug. We did some checking, and turns out there’s no particular law in Minnesota that protects a person’s image after he or she dies. Translation … when Prince passed away last week, there’s nothing in the law specifically prohibiting any Tom, Dick, or Harry from plastering Prince’s face on t-shirts, socks, posters, key chains and all things cheesy.

It’s way different from places like California and Tennessee, where courts and legislatures have given the estates of dead celebs the right to go after people who try and make a quick buck off famous images. Fact is … Minnesota hasn’t been home to that many deceased international celebs, so it looks like the courts have never had to deal with protection of images after death. As a result, there are a bunch of fly-by-night companies that are hawking R.I.P. Prince gear.

We’re told Prince’s siblings are aware people are profiting off Prince’s image, and they’re considering filing a test case. It’s unclear how the Minnesota courts will rule, but for now it’s the Wild Wild West in the Midwest.

I tell ya’ we learn something new ’round here everyday.

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