U Won’t Believe HOW MUCH Miss Cleo Made From MultiMillion$ Psychic ‘Hoax’

Posted On : June 1, 2016

Remember Miss Cleo from those psychic hotline commercials and her famous line “Call Me Now?” The multi-million dollar Psychic Readers Networks hotline blew up like a spontaneous combustion after accusations started flying that not only was Miss Cleo and her Jamaican accent faker than a $3 bill, but that the whole organization was scamming folks. Then the lawsuits piled up, with the most significant one coming from the Federal Trade Commission, which filed a lawsuit against Cleo and The Psychic Readers Network for “unfair and deceptive trade practices.” I’m sure Miss Cleo wishes she could have used her tarot cards to predict THAT was coming, but the stars just didn’t line up that way for her at the time, but NOW…


SEE WHAT MISS CLEO REVEALED ABOUT HER PSYCHIC NETWORK DAYS... Now it's a new day, and Miss Cleo recently had a WHOLE lot to say about how much money she REALLY made, on what she's doing now (which is interesting), and on her allegedly fake Jamaican accent.

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