U Won’t Believe What Tank Is NOT Ashamed To Admit About Himself Sexually

Posted On : July 5, 2016

ILOSM family since we’re all grown folks on here, we wanna discuss this grown folks topic that singer, Tank, so candidly brought up regarding a sex act he likes to do in the bedroom…and in the car (you’ll see what we mean in a minute). In case y’all missed this, Tank posted a video clip on social media to enlighten the people with details about a sexual act that he says men should not be afraid to admit they like, just as he, himself, clearly was not. Check out what he said below and let us know your thoughts on this one…*Video contains graphic language.*


In his 1 minute video clip above, Tank proudly and candidly admitted that he likes to get his "salad tossed" by WOMEN only.
"It's sad that in 2016, there are grown men afraid to admit that they like to get their salad tossed...there's nothing wrong with having your salad tossed."
Tank then went on to say that there's nothing "gay" about a woman tossing a straight man's salad, as long as she doesn't use any-and I quote-"utensils." Tank is somethin' else, just when you think you know what a celeb is all about, they jump out and pull another rabbit outta the hat, or in this case, they "toss" the rabbit outta the hat, LOL. See what else he said about getting tossed up in the video above. WAIT 'TIL U SEE AT WHAT AGE TANK SAYS HE HAD HIS FIRST 'TOSS' THOUGH>>>
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