(VIDEO) Beautiful! Stevie Gives Young R&B Singer Surprise Of His Life!

Posted On : December 13, 2014
stevie wonder and ahsan
Stevie Wonder and R&B artist, Ahsan

Stevie Wonder surprised this newly signed Interscope Records artist and his reaction to one of the greatest is priceless.

Recently in the studio, Ahsan and a pianist performed Stevie’s classic “Ribbon In The Sky”. Midway through the song, Stevie was brought in by his assistant, as Ahsan was singing away with his eyes closed. Seconds later, Stevie bumped into him. His eyes opened and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing – one of his idols pops up into his recording session. Ahsan asked his pianist to pinch him to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. It didn’t stop there though. Check out the video below to see what Stevie did next.

As a kid, I remember seeing my parent’s album by Stevie featuring the hit Uptight and thought ‘how cool it was to see a kid on an album’. This was a few years before I would see the Jackson 5. I ended up playing trumpet a few years later and grew up being a huge fan of Stevie as well, so I can only imagine what this kid was feeling. If I was a 13 year old kid and Stevie Wonder would have walked up on me like that, I would have lost my mind, just like Ahsan did. I’ve got to give it to the kid though, because he was able to quickly gather his composure and impress his idol. Major props to Stevie for making dreams come true!

Stevie Wonder and R&B artist, Ahsan
Stevie Wonder and R&B artist, Ahsan

Interscope Records had just signed Ahsan and already, the youngster has recorded a slew of youthful songs including “Who’s Loving You” originally recorded by The Miracles (with Smokey Robinson) but made more famous by the Jackson 5. A couple of his songs are reminders of the 60s groups. Ahsan said he is most influenced by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Donny Hathaway (his grandfather wrote songs for him) and Frankie Lymon. Now thats refreshing- to actually see a young artists paying homage to the Old School.

I think that the younger generation cab really benefit from the influence of artists like Stevie. Their influence can have a great affect on today’s music and can also have a lasting affect on the intellectual shaping of the younger generation, by encouraging them to mentally and creatively challenge how they express themselves. If more of them did that, maybe we could start doing away with some of the crap on the radio that’s taking soul music 10,000 steps backwards.

Stevie is currently on tour performing jams from his 1976 iconic album “Songs In The Key Of Life”. Ahsan will be hitting the road in 2015 to support his new upcoming album. Now, his resume has grown…he’s performed with STEVIE WONDER.

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