Marvin Gaye’s Dad Interviewed Him…This Might Raise A Few Eyebrows

Posted On : April 1, 2015
Mavin Gaye with his Dad, Marvin Gaye Sr.

After Marvin Gaye was fatally gunned down by his father, Marvin Gaye Sr., 31 years ago on April 1, 1984, the soul music world was left in shock and wondering how is Dad could do that to his own son. This video of Marvin and his father shows a different dynamic of their relationship, which further adds confusion as to how their relationship went from what it once to the tragic result it ended on.

This is extremely rare footage of them together during happier times. Marvin Sr. and Marvin Jr. weren’t always known to get along, so it was interesting to see them interacting this way. Check it out…

Seeing them in that light makes you wonder how things went from that, to this…

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