(VIDEO) OldSchool Artists Representing! Stevie Went OFF About Police!

Posted On : December 5, 2014
Stevie Wonder speaking on police brutality at Key Arena in Seattle.
Stevie Wonder speaking on police brutality at Key Arena in Seattle.

Stevie Wonder hit the stage in Seattle to play his classic album, Songs in the Key of Life, in full, but before he got started he had a LOT to say about the injustices going on with the current wave of police brutality by a some police officers, that seems to be a game of ‘hunt and kill a Black man’ nowadays. In true Stevie fashion, Mr. Wonder did what more of today’s top selling urban artists need to do- he simply and boldly stood up for what it is right and spoke out against what is wrong.

Before launching into his song,”Living for the City” at the Key Arena, Wonder told the crowd,

[pull_quote_center]“I’ve always seen all of us, no matter what our ethnicities are, no matter what our colors are, as one family. Can you believe that within one month, two grand juries—SECRET grand juries—declined to indict two policemen for the killing of two black men? I just don’t understand that.”[/pull_quote_center]

Stevie was talking about the recent decisions in the cases of Ferguson cop, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed teenager, Michael Brown, and the New York City police officer who basically choked Eric Garner to death ON CAMERA! Both officers were cleared of ALL wrongdoings.

Michael Brown (L); Protestors against police brutality (R)
Michael Brown (L); Protestors against police brutality (R)

He questioned why the government chose to have a “secret trial” instead of having a public trial to hear “all sides of the stories.” Wonder said:

[pull_quote_center]“I heard Eric Garner say with my own ears, ‘I can’t breathe, and as much as he [the cop] apologized, I don’t understand why he did not stop.”[/pull_quote_center]

Eric Garner with his family.
Eric Garner with his family.

Mr. Wonder then touched on the topic of gun control, something he has adamantly spoken out about before, most recently in connection to the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida after the acquittal of George Zimmerman. He told the crowd that the problem is that guns are too easy for everybody get (including some untrained police officers). He said:

[pull_quote_center]“Guns are too accessible to everybody. I do understand that something is wrong, real wrong. And we as family, Americans, all of us, of all colors, need to fix it with a quickness real soon.”[/pull_quote_center]

Watch the clip below to hear Mr. Wonder’s full speech.

Now as we mentioned earlier, there needs to be more of today’s biggest selling artists speaking out about this, but certain key artists who truly have the power to make the movement toward equal justices swell, are staying silent. Don’t get me wrong, no one should be forced to speak if they do not want to, because they certainly aren’t obligated to, but back in the day, our top tier artists, like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, took chances at the height of their careers. They placed social injustices before their personal gains. They risked possibly losing a fan or two for what was right, they risked losing business deals and record sales for what they felt was the right thing to do. And although there are many artists speaking out about this, like Diddy, Alicia Keys, etc., it seems that those with some of…

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