Sammy Davis’ Son Seeks TRUTH About What Dad Told Him On His Deathbed

Posted On : May 21, 2015

sammy and may britt and kids color

Sammy Davis Jr. has three children: two sons and one daughter (Tracey). The sons, Jeff and Mark Davis were both adopted, according to what they were told by their parents, Sammy Davis Jr. and actress, May Britt, but questions have always arisen throughout the years because both sons, whom are mixed with African American and White, have been said to resemble their adoptive father, Sammy Davis Jr.

son mark3
Sammy Davis Jr.’s and May Britt’s son, Mark Davis

Well when Sammy Davis Jr. was lying on his deathbed in 1990, after being stricken with throat cancer, his son, Mark Davis (who says he works at Costco Supermarket), said that Sammy pulled him close and revealed to him these words: “You are my son.” That’s when Mark’s world was rocked with the revelation that after all these years of thinking he was adopted, he was in fact Sammy’s biological child, or wasn’t he?

sammy son mark
Mark Davis getting DNA tested to prove whether or not he’s Sammy Davis Jr.’s biological child

His sister and biological daughter of Sammy Davis Jr. and May Britt, Tracey Davis, says she never believed Mark was their father’s biological child, but Mark says there are too many signs that strongly make him believe otherwise, including his birth certificate he laid his eyes on for the first time in 2013, that had Sammy Davis Jr.’s name listed as his birth father. His adoptive mother, May Britt, has confirmed to Mark that she definitely did not give birth to him. So he and his sister took DNA tests on camera and here are the results…

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