(VIDEO) Stevie Wonder’s Friends: “We’re Broke And He Ain’t Helping Us”

Posted On : March 14, 2015

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It’s a difficult thing to start out doing what you love with your friends -singing and creating music together and then only one of the 3 of you makes it big beyond any of your imaginations.

That’s what happened with Stevie Wonder and his two childhood friends, MargaretTerry (72) and John Glover (66), who say that they taught him how to play the piano and spent countless hours together as kids when Stevie was just known as Stevie Judkins- the blind kid from Detroit. Now they’re speaking out about how broke they have become and how they’re not sure if they can survive their poor current living conditions much longer. See the video below.

John said he had some success in music as a writer and producer, but that there were problems contributing to their current financial situation:


“I spent cash for everything. A house. Cars. I was real generous to everybody. And, you know, when the money is coming in, you think like it’s gonna keep coming.”

Stevie's childhood friend, John Glover in his home studio.
Stevie’s childhood friend, John Glover in his home studio.

He admits to bad investments in potential studios, trusting numerous partners who took advantage of his easygoing attitude and piling up debts for child support of his four daughters. He also “was a mess” when it came to taxes. In time, he was in trouble with the IRS, and years of bad accounting — or non-accounting — resulted in fines and debts that effectively wiped out any savings.

“For about 10 years, anything I made went straight to the government,” he recalls. “Even today, whatever gets to me is so small, it’s hardly anything.”


In a 2007 homecoming concert at Meadow Brook Music Festival, Wonder brought John and

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