VIDEO- You Think Miki Howard’s Daughter Can Blow Like Her Mom?

Posted On : May 4, 2015

miki howard and daughter blog pic

Miki Howard’s daughter, Kaitlin Howard, is in her mid 20’s, but she is a huge fan of Old School soul music. So much so that she likes to post videos of herself singing some of her favorite singers’ songs like her mother’s jams, Patti LaBelle, Anita Baker and more.

She is now kicking off her own singing career and she’s released a few music videos to breathe life into her music career. She has a beautiful voice but we can’t help but wonder if today’s music industry will allow her to get her foot through the door and have a great music career like her Mom. Typically it’s way harder for the offspring of artists to get respect from music execs, but we want you to check out her singing and tell us if you think Kaitlin has got IT like her Mom.

You also may remember Miki Howard’s son, B. Howard, who is also an artist.


He’s the one who has had constant rumors circulating about him that he is really Michael Jackson’s child, and that’s a rumor that Miki and B. Howard are…

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