Too Far??? Comedian Tony Rock Bashes Steve Harvey And His Wife (Video)

Posted On : January 29, 2017

This meeting with President Donald Trump hasn’t gone well for our boy Steve Harvey. Ever since his meeting a few weeks back, folks aren’t turning a deaf ear to what Steve has said regarding Trump. What made things worst is when Steve clapped back on Twitter a few days ago…all hell broke lose.

Despite Steve Harvey stating that President Barack Obama asked him to meet with President Donald Trump, people still aren’t willing to give him a pass. Harvey was reportedly “hurt” by the backlash he received. While many people have been throwing him shade, one person boldly stated that he didn’t care.


In a video that has gone viral, comedian Tony Rock, brother to comedian Chris Rock, boldly stated that Steve Harvey doesn’t represent the African-American community and he questioned who appointed him of that role.

Not only did he take a shot at Harvey but he took a shot at his wife Marjorie as well. In the video, Rock mocked the fact that Harvey has been named a relationship expert given that he’s been married 3 times.

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In addition, Rock stated that Marjorie was allegedly Steve’s mistress when he was married to his second wife, Mary.

@tony_rock: Who the f**k cares that #steveharvey met with #donaldtrump? @studioqtv

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Rock isn’t the only  comedian that took a shot at Harvey. Mike Epps also recorded a video stating that he spoke with Harvey about his meeting with Trump. In jest, Epps claimed that Harvey meet with Trump to buy the white house through H.U.D. Oh lawd!

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