We Knew Pryor Was Freaky, But Geesh! See What He Did To A Pointer Sister

Posted On : November 27, 2015

fb richard pryor anita pointer We all know that the late, great Richard Pryor was a wild dude back in the day and this story is just going to prove yet again, just how wild he really was. Back in the day, Pointer Sister member, Anita Pointer, and her then boyfriend/NFL player, Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, decided to stop by their friend, Pryor’s house and boy did they get the shock of their lives! According to Thomas, Richard surprised him and Anita with a homemade porn movie of himself with two women. Here is what Thomas revealed about that day in his book, Out of Control: Confessions of an NFL Casualty:
thomas hollywood henderson nfl player

“Anita and I took a limo to Richard Pryor’s house.

The butler was circulating with a platter of cocaine. Frankie Crocker was sitting beside me.

Pryor went into the kitchen and came out with a plate of barbecue sauce and chicken. He took a chicken leg, dipped it deep in the sauce and stuck it in his hair. Then he smeared it all in his face, under his chin and near his ears.

A few minutes later, a movie screen came down in the living room. The lights dimmed. Up on the screen was Richard Pryor with an erection. An Oriental girl, a white girl and a black girl were catering to his every need. One girl would work him for a while and his eyes looked like they were going to explode. Another would take her best shot and he would give his. They were doing some real freaky stuff. It was wild, Richard was nuts!”

The Pointer Sisters
The Pointer Sisters

Now I keep having thoughts of The Pointers Sisters singing “I need a man with a slow hand, I want a lover with a friendly touch…” in the back of my mind. For some reason, I think that would have been funny as all get out if Richard would have had that song playing on his home sex video while those ladies were giving him ‘easy touches with their slow hands.’ I’m not sure if the Pointer Sisters would have appreciated that though.

Here’s a fun fact about Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson:
In 2000 he won the $28 million dollar lottery in Texas. So after winning Super Bowl XII in 1977, battling cocaine and crack cocaine addiction, serving eight months in drug rehab, as well as 28 months in prison in the 80’s, “Hollywood” once again made headlines, except that time it was positive news and he was $28 million richer…although he said he had to break bread with his ex-wife. “Hollywood” has been clean ever since the day he got busted in November of 1983 and hit with gun, drugs, and assault charges. Today he gives back through his motivational speaking at prisons and other venues, and at his anti-gun seminars.

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