Wendy Williams Just Can’t Let People Live, Now She’s Coming For Ashanti

Posted On : December 4, 2017

We’ve got love for Wendy Williams, but there’s no denying that the sista is always draggin’ somebody to smithereens and back. It never fails. Someone is always a victim of scrutiny when it comes to the “Hot Topic” segment of The Wendy Williams Show. Now, it looks like Ashanti is the latest celebrity caught in the Wendy Williams crossfire. Apparently, Wendy feels some type of way about the singer’s music and she thinks, at 37 (even though Wendy believes Ashanti is 40), it’s time for Ashanti to put the microphone up and move on. Of course, the comments were as brash as you’d expect for Wendy Williams and Ashanti fans, everywhere, are shaking their heads.


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Draggin’ Ashanti:

By now, we all know how Ashanti reacted when someone called her a stripper recently. Now, Wendy Williams is offering her take on the fiasco. “40 something at this point. Nobody cares about her music, 37, same difference. You are – and I didn’t call you a stripper – I call you an exotic dancer. And I agree with what Joe [Budden] was saying, Ashanti just take it for what it is. Nobody’s buying your music. Nobody cares about your music. You’ve got a beautiful body, and you’re using it to make your bones. And that is a fact, jack.”

Here’s a clip from The Wendy Williams Show:


Fans’ Reaction:

As expected, Ashanti fans weren’t pissed off over Wendy’s comments. In fact, many people who aren’t even fans of the singer have agreed Wendy took things a bit far. Many Twitter users argue that Wendy Williams doesn’t realize there’s a fine line between “keeping it real” and being blatantly disrespectful. Others wasted no time dragging Wendy the way she dragged Ashanti. People quickly reminded Wendy of her own drama over the past couple months and how her life isn’t exactly perfect either.


Ashanti has yet to respond to Wendy’s comments. However, based on how she responded to the fan for making it rain dollar bills on her and also how she checked Joe Budden’s “stripper” remarks, it’s only a matter of time before Ashanti verbally chin-checks the hell outta Wendy.

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