Police Open Criminal Investigation Against Mel B For Pulling Gangsta Move On A Rapper

Posted On : September 12, 2017

Uh oh, Eddie Murphy’s ex/baby mama, Mel B., of the Spice Girls is reportedly in some legal trouble now. Many of us have heard about the tumultuous marriage she says she was in with Stephen Belafonte. Mel B., and many others who know the couple, claim that Mel was repeatedly beaten and/or threatened by her husband Stephen throughout their marriage.

Mel B. with her then boyfriend, Eddie Murphy

Mel B. also claimed that Stephen consistently made her have sex and threesomes with several women during their marriage. Ultimately Mel B. filed for divorce recently and that’s when all of the gloves started coming off.
Mel B. and soon-to-be-ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte

Mel has three children- one with Stephen, one with her first ex-husband, and one with comedian/actor, Eddie Murphy. Stephen recently was granted the right to not just file for visitation rights for his own daughter with Mel, but also for Eddie Murphy’s daughter with Mel B.. Many thought it was odd that a judge would grant him access to another man’s child, but Stephen says that since he helped raise her, it would be worse for Eddie’s daughter, if he were not around.

Why Police Just Opened Criminal Investigation Against Mel B.

Now that we’re caught up on the past divorce drama, let’s inform y’all on the new drama that has just arisen. Up until now, there was no one in Mel B.’s and Stephen’s inner circle who said Mel B. was not beaten. However, now there is. Check out the details below…

Rapper/”Sisterhood of Hip Hop” reality TV star, Siya

Via TMZ: Rapper Siya, who starred in “Sisterhood of Hip Hop,” filed a police report Monday, claiming Mel B sent her texts last Saturday threatening her if Siya dared testify against her … this according to law enforcement sources. Our sources say Siya showed police the text messages and a felony witness intimidation case was opened. We’re told Siya was prepared to contradict Mel B and testify Belafonte never physically abused his wife. Siya claims she was a close friend of both Mel B and Belafonte. Sources connected with Mel B dispute that, saying Mel B only met Siya a couple of times.We’re told in addition to disputing Mel B’s claims of abuse, Siya is prepared to testify Mel B frequently used illegal drugs. She’s also prepared to testify about the 3-ways between Mel B, Belafonte and their nanny, Lorraine Gilles. Siya claims Mel B was the one who called the shots in the 3-ways. Sources connected to Mel B are calling BS on Siya’s allegation of witness intimidation.

This is getting crazy.

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