Woah! Monica Thoroughly Checks Fan Over Recent Husband Cheating Rumors

Posted On : April 15, 2016

monica and husband2

As Monica has been enjoying 6 years of marital bliss with her NBA baller husband, Shannon Brown, she has recently had to fend off some rumors from a few females who have claimed that they’re slept with her husband.

The most recent claim was from a woman who posted a screenshot of a DM conversation she claims was between herself and Shannon Brown. The messages alleged that she and Shannon hooked up at some point. The screenshot instantly spread throughout social media, but Monica is not one to take that lying down, so she has also been on social media clappin’ back at her haters and in particular there was one fan who got checked directly by Monica, which I’m sure the fan was probably surprised by. Word to the wise, don’t come for Monica unless you wanna get your feelings hurt. Check out what has transpired over the passed few days regarding the cheating rumors and Monica’s clap-back…


Monica seems to have responded to the rumors and the haters with class. BUT when a fan came directly for her in response to her classy post, Monica had to check her...check out what a fan boldly told Monica>>>

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