Wonder What Happened To “Turbo” From The “Breakin'” Movie? Found Him!

Posted On : August 9, 2015

breakin turbo nowpersonal dance consultant to Michael Jackson throughout most of the 80s and the early 90s. Ain’t that something?!!
Michael Jackson

-He’s still dancing and spent his years making a living doing choreography, teaching private lessons and doing trade shows in Europe and Japan. Dancing is in his blood and it doesn’t look like he has any plans on stopping soon.

Watch this funny video clip of Boogaloo on the Steve Harvey Show as he tries to teach Steve the moonwalk…

Here’s another recent video clip of Boogaloo doing his thing:

-When Boogaloo isn’t dancing, he’s mentoring young up and coming dancers who strive to reach what he accomplished.

Boogaloo also credits his former co-star Shabba-Doo for schooling him on the business side of dancing when he was still a teenager.
Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.03.58 AMWhen asked if he still keeps in touch with Shabba-Doo, Boogaloo said this:

“I wasn’t aware of it at the time ’cause I was a minor, but people told me later down the line that he didn’t really like to have me around, as it was like I was upstaging him. I was a lot younger than him and I had a different style, so I didn’t really understand all those politics and I just wanted to be best friends. As we got older we kind of fell out of contact. We don’t really touch base that much.”

breakin turbo now7Boogaloo Shrimp explains meeting Michael Jackson for the first time before they began working together:


Our first meeting was very interesting. A local news show called Eye In L.A featured a segment on street dancing and this new sub culture that was happening in the city in the early 80s. And I was featured on this segment along with some other street dancers. A lady called Susan Scanlan, who had been working on this TV program, knew the Jackson family. She told Pop N Taco and I, who was also on the segment, that Michael Jackson would like to meet us. I was just 14 at the time.

What happened then?

We ended up going to the house, and it was kind of like an audition. We got there and the whole family was there. Michael introduced himself and then took us to a rehearsal room they had in the house, and as we were dancing I saw Joe Jackson whispering to Michael on the side, and I’m sure he told him: ‘you know what? These guys are the next big thing and you need to have them as your personal coaches’.
breakin turbo1
We had different styles, Pop N Taco and I , and you can see between the two of us the different styles that Michael Jackson was influenced by. That was the first time that we met. Then we saw him again backstage at one of Lionel Richie’s shows as we were dancing on Lionel’s tour. He didn’t know we were working with Lionel, so that helped to build momentum, as Lionel was his friend and it showed that our dance style/services was already been sought by other major stars. It helped seal the deal on our close proximity and our friendship.


Boogaloo Shrimp has been married twice and tragically lost his first wife and mother of his now 22 year-old son, after she was murdered in a 2003 robbery.
breakin turbo2At 47 years old, Boogaloo is fortunate enough to continue to live out his dream of dancing. We’re happy to see the brotha doing well and get this- We actually might see him again on the big screen in a new Breakin’ movie, the last we heard was that he was in talks for that now. I’m curious to see how well that would go over in today’s hip hop environment because breakdancing is a lost art and the new dances in hip hop are either for 9 year olds to do, or are so incredibly weird that us grown folks wouldn’t dare attempt to do them. A 50 something year old doing the ‘nae nae’ should be a crime.

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