OMG! TV Brother Of Maia Campbell Is 30 Now & His Transformation Will Flip U Out

Posted On : July 16, 2017
In The House cast

We’ve all been talking about the unfortunate circumstances currently clouding actress, Maia Campbell’s life lately…and understandably so. However, her former In The House co-star, Jeff Wood, is pretty newsworthy himself. Therefore ILOSM fam,’ just in case you all needed a reminder of truly how Old School we all really are now, here it is…

First off, who remembers the kid who played Maia’s kid brother, Debbie Allen’s son, and L.L. Cool J.’s house tenant on the 90’s show? He’s actor, Jeff Woods, and his character’s name was “Austin,” who was known for rockin’ his oversized ‘Urkel’ style frames. Back then ladies thought he was the most “adorable” lil’ guy ever and today, many of them think he’s now one the “sexiest” dudes in the game. That’s probably difficult to even when you just know him as the brainy kid with the ‘fro and button down shirts, but it’s true.

Last time most of us saw “Austin” was around 1997, when he made his last appearance on In the House. Twenty years later, Jeff is now a 30 year old man who looks almost unrecognizable when you see him today. Check him out below…

“Austin” Is All Grown Up Now

Idk why I'm sticking my tongue out either.

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This is not-so-little “Austin” today. Feeling old yet? Yeah, we are too.

Actor Jeff Woods a.k.a. “Austin” from “In the House”

Anywho, let us feel you in on what Jeff Wood the man does today. Although we may have thought that we haven’t seen Jeff on the screen since ’97, turns out, we just might have…just didn’t realize it was him. Why? Because Jeff is still in the acting game. In fact, he’s taken matters into his own hands and has built his own film production company called, Puzzle Man Films. Here’s his website description of what his company entails:

Puzzle Man Films is the production company of filmmaker, director, and actor Jeff Wood. Focused on original and creative content, Puzzle Man has several projects in the works, including television, film, and web content. Jeff has a hand in directing, screenwriting, acting, and day to day production.

Check out some of his company’s productions below:


In the midst of our continued prayers for the heartbreaking situation of one In The House kid, Maia Campbell, it’s a beautiful thing that another In the House kid, Jeff Wood, didn’t fall victim to the gift and the curse that so many former kid actors oftentimes cannot avoid. Looking forward to seeing what else Jeff has in store for us in the near future.

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